The Secret Language of Flowers


rose1rəʊz_Submitnoun1.a prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers, native to north temperate regions and widely grown as an ornamental.2.a stylized representation of a ro.jpg

Ever wondered why we surprise someone with a bunch of bright yellow flowers to cheer them up or declare our love with a dozen red roses?

It all stems from an age old art form, one that I have been fascinated with for a number of years now. It’s called Floriography, or the language of flowers.

Floriography became truely popular during the Victorian Era. It was during this time that flowers were used to convey a message, with each flower having a special symbolism that needed deciphering by the person on the receiving end. A rose was not simply a rose, it carried a message, and even the colour of the flower could affect the meaning it conveyed.

The meanings and traditions associated with flowers have changed over time, with different cultures developing varying ideas for the same flowers, but the fascination persists just the same.

These days flowers tend to be chosen for the appearance of the bloom and the colours available. But sometimes it can be fun to design your wedding bouquet with a specific meaning in mind!

Let us uncover the stories these blooms hold and open you up to a whole new language – the language of flowers.

Acacia - love and beauty

Amaryllis - pride

Anemone - forsaken

Anthurium - hospitality

Apple blossom - preference

Aster - delicate and dainty

Bird of paradise - joyfulness 

Bluebell - Humility

Carnation, Fascination, divine love

       - Red carnation, My Heart Aches, admiration

       - White carnation, Innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift

       - Pink carnation, I’ll never forget you

       - Yellow carnation, Disappointment, rejection

Calla Lilly – Beauty

Camellia – Perfect Loveliness

Chrysanthemum - Cheerfulness, wealth

Cornflower - impassioned feelings 

Daffodil - Regard

Daisy - Innocence, hope

Delphinium – Swift

Forget-me-not - True love memories

Freesia – Innocence

Gardenia - Secret love

Gladioli - sincerity, exasperation. 

Hibiscus – True Beauty

Holly - Hope

Hyacinth - Games and sport, playfulness, rashness

     - Hyacinth blue, Constancy of love

     - Hyacinth purple, Sorrow, forgiveness, regret

     - Hyacinth yellow, Jealousy

     - Hyacinth white, Loveliness, prayers for someone

Hydrangea – Understanding

Iris - A message, faith & wisdom

Ivy - Friendship, continuity

Jasmine white - Sweet love

Lavender - Devotion, virtue, luck

Lilac - Joy of youth

Lily - Majesty, truth, honor

Lily-of-the-valley - Sweetness

Lisianthus - outgoing nature

Lotus Flower - Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth

Magnolia - Love of nature

Marigold - flower of the dead, grief, cruelty and jealousy

Nasturtium - Patriotism

Oak - Strength

Orchid – Rare Beauty

Pansy - Thoughts

Peony - Happy life, happy marriage

Poppy - Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Imagination

Rose - love 

  • Dark red rose: unconscious beauty
  • White rose: purity, innocence, reverence, silence
  • Pink rose: grace, happiness, gentleness
  • Yellow rose: joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning
  • Orange rose: desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavender rose: love at first sight
  • Coral rose: friendship, modesty, sympathy

Rosemary - Remembrance

Snapdragon - deception

Stock - bonds of affection

Sunflower - Adoration

Sweet pea - Pleasures

Sweet William - Gallantry

Tulip, Perfect Lover, Fame

     - Tulip red, Declaration of love

     - Tulip yellow, Sunshine in your smile

Violet - Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty

Wallflower - Faithfulness in adversity

Willow - Sadness

Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends

Please tell us which flowers have meaning to you! If we are missing one of your favorites, please let us know which one and its meaning.