Meghann & Dave

Meghann & Dave were married in early autumn this year at Meghann’s parents farm just outside of Canberra. Meghann had been living over in Canada for the past few years with her Canadian Fiancé but chose to come back to Australia to have her wedding. I knew Meghann growing up, we went to the same school a few years apart and her parents live just down the road from the house my partner grew up in. I was excited when I found out she was getting married and thrilled when she asked me to do her flowers.

Meghann and Dave chose a pastel pink and white colour scheme, which looked divine. In the bouquets I used David Austins, Garden Roses and lisianthus in a gorgeous colour palette of soft pinks and ivory with flowing soft grey eucalyptus foliage. Words cannot even begin to describe the sweet fragrance from these bouquets. It was heaven creating them.

As I drove up on the morning of the wedding to deliver the flowers I had to catch my breath, the view was picturesque. The driveway was cobbled with trees lining each side, there was a rosiness to the leaves that hinted to the beginning of autumn in the air. When I arrived her mum greeted me, we chatted for a while and you could tell she was elated that her daughter was here in Australia, getting married in the gorgeous place she grew up. After dropping off the flowers her mum gave me a sneak peek at the location the ceremony would be held and the beautiful rolling hills that would featured in the background of their ceremony.

There are many beautiful places to have your wedding in Canberra but there was something so special about seeing Meghann get married here in her old home.